Why Was James Harrison Wrong

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James Harrison is wrong for what he is doing to his sons. Harrison is wrong because he is making his children think that I have to win all time and if I come in second place I am a failure. I do not think Americans give out too many trophies because children should be recognized for their hard work and dedication, even if they don’t win. Americans are not raising their kids to become “too soft”. I think teaching kids that winning is a good thing is fine, but you should also teach kids that it is ok not to come in first place.A better way to acknowledge participation other than a trophy is a certificate or a ribbon .I think when a child gains a trophy they have a better sense of accomplishment and appreciation for their hard and dedication.…show more content…
No, parents or teachers should teach kids to be cut throat because it makes them more completive and always want to beat everybody .I have a few trophies, certifications, and medals for participating sports such as softball, cheerleading, basketball soccer, my other medals are in singing at different concert, and forensic for public
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