Who Is Joseph Stalin A Hero

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Joseph Stalin originally named Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili was born in a Georgian village of Gori. Stalin was the third child that was born to the Vissarion Dzhugashvili and Yekaterina, however he was the only one to be successfully born to the family. Vissarion his father was abusive and chain-drinker who eventually failed at his job and left young Stalin at the age of 5. After his father left Stalin and his mother went to live at the home of a priest. Stalin had an unusual face and was small boy, he also was exposed to smallpox, leaving his face scarred, and due to poisoning his left arm to be shorter than his left. Because of this Stalin was treated poorly by the other villagers; due to this Stalin started to feel inferior to others, this also lead to start his journey to be respected greatness, because of the disrespect he got from the villagers this led him Stalin become cruel and heartless to whoever crossed him. attended the Gori Church School when he was younger, he excelled in academics being one of the smartest people in his grade, while at the school Stalin fell in love with reading, as well as climbing in the wild mountainous side of Gori. He…show more content…
Because of his living conditions and being bullied and called name led him to treat people who opposed him cruelly. Stalin also killed over 2 million people during his rule as leader of Russia/U.S.S.R. When he called for a collectivization and there were millions of kulaks that opposed Stalin many of which were killed and during the collectivization millions more died. Stalin turned Russia into a totalitarian state, meaning everything would be controlled by Stalin. He used fear to get the people what they wanted, and the people’s voice started to fade. This is behavior that a villain would display using fear to control the people. As well as treating people cruelly and killing of anyone who opposed him is also a behavior that is most often displayed by a
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