Why Was Julius Caesar Bad

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Julius Caesar Julius Caesar was a very good leader, he did so much for Ancient Rome. He was one of the greatest leaders of all time There were so many things that happened after the death of him that changed Rome, he was part of the first Triumvirate, and changed the Roman Government. These are the reasons why he was the greatest of Rome. First of all, what happened after his death was the most horrifying death that has ever happened. After it was announced that Julius Caesar was assassinated and who assassinated him, the people of Rome went and mobbed the assassinators homes. The citizens of Rome were very made that they killed Caesar and wondered why they killed Caesar. When the citizens of Rome were done mobbing, Julius Caesar was deified, which means to make a god of. When the people wanted to get Caesar deified the citizens were all for and wanted it to happen. His god name ended up being, “The Divine Julius”, which means The God of…show more content…
Some of the risks that he took that where good to rome was that he was going to reform Rome to make it bigger and stronger. Since he was making it bigger and stronger it was not the Roman Republic anymore it was now the Roman Empire. One other major change he made to the government was that he made the senate from 300 people, to 900 people so that there was more representation. Since he was doing these changes to the government it was making everyone happy. This made the lower class and middle class like him very much, and became very popular.

In conclusion, Julius Caesar was a great leader of Rome, and was one of the best leaders of Rome. Since he did so many great things for Rome that after his death he was deified, so now he is a god to Rome. Julius Caesar was definitely a hero to Rome because he did what the people wanted, and if the people didn’t want it he still did
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