Why Was Julius Caesar Conspiracy

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What's so bad about the conspiracy against Julius Caesar in The Tragedy of Julius Caesar ? Caesar should have all the power, that's why Cassius started the Conspiracy because Caesar is hungry for power and that's all he cares about. If this was going on right now in this day and age I would be on the side of the conspiracy because Caesar shouldn't have all the power. One of the reasons I think they joining the conspiracy is a good idea is that Brutus says Caesar is like a serpent and that the conspiracy has to kill him before he hatches (gets crowned king). Another reason they needed to form this conspiracy is because Caesar would've been in complete power. My last reason why I think Caesar would not be a good leader is that he is warned multiple times that he is going to be killed but he's to power hungry to listen to them. “And therefore think him as a serpent’s egg which hatched, would as his kind grow mischievous, and kill him in the shell” ( II, i, 32-34 ). This quote from the book really expresses how why they need to form the conspiracy to kill Julius Caesar and that they needed to act fast. It states that he is like a serpent’s egg and that they needed to kill it while it's yet to hatch. Caesar is yet to be crowned emperor, so the conspiracy needs to act before he is crowned or they can't do a…show more content…
Yes Caesar might have gotten things done, but he didn't care how it got done as long as it got done. A good leader is someone that cares for his people and gets things done the right way. Caesar is not one of those type of leaders. Caesar is a type of leader that will just do things that benefit him and not the people. That's not how the people see him as. They see him as someone that cares for him and wants them to be happy and that he loves them as family. All that stuff is all just an act so he gets power. That's why the conspiracy is a good
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