Why Was King Tut Famous

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King Tut King Tut was one of the most famous pharaohs of all time because he was the youngest pharaoh of all time, ruled at the age of 12, and part of a amazing dynasty.only He died at the age of 18 around 1324. Another reason why King tut was famous is because his tomb was filled with golden treasures and great art of gods and symmetrical drawings. King tut will always be one of the greatest pharaohs. King Tut was insest, Malaria, and had clubfoot. his parents Nefertiti and Akhenaten were technically his cousins. In ancient times they resulted to insest because they wanted to keep the bloodline 100% for the dynasty stay alive. He suffered his whole life of these diseases. He also had weak bones so that may have been a theory to his broken leg. King Tut was one of the unhealthiest pharaohs. King Tut was most definitely a party man. On his Free time he hunted, fished, painted, and had great parties with alcohol, women, elites and higher up’s. One thing that affected his life was the nile river. There is a good side of it which It provided his people with good harvest, and there is the bad side which brought him disease and locusts. King Tut lived in Akhenaten and lived in a hot dry climate. Although King Tut was a pharaoh he still…show more content…
Right now I am In a room and I smell the wine scents and oil being rubbed on me. Good scents. I feel them making a cut in my left side and pulling out all my organs. I didn’t know what to think about my afterlife but I felt it would be exciting with lots of food and wine. Ouch! My brain just got pulled out of my nose with a hook. I will now be soaking in oil and wine for 40 days until they come back to wrap me in one hundred feet of cloth then I will be put in my sarcougahas so I can start my afterlife. My Ka is here and we have plenty of food and wine that my people have brought. Wow! the soul has so much power than I expected. I hope to live in this world forever and
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