Why Was Life So Hard For The Pilgrims Essay

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In the year 1620 English colonists or Pilgrims arrived on the shore of the Cape Cod Bay in America, quite a long distance from England. America at that times was known as the New World since many boarded the Mayflower (ship that sailed to America from England carrying supplies and 101 people) to escape from religious persecution, others simply came in order to take part in a new economic enterprise. These were the first people to start the colonization of America however they did face constant difficulties that come with starting all over in a far away place. Yet still despite the horrible conditions the people faced they still chose to continue and deal with those hardships rather than give up. It is seen in Verlyn Klinkenborg’s article “Why was Life so Hard For the Pilgrims?” that the colonists faced many dangerous circumstances and difficulties. Life in the New World was incredibly difficult for the Pilgrims. As the Verlyn Klinkenberg states in the article, “Founding a settlement that survived in America was as hard as starting a fire in the freezing,…show more content…
One of the first settlers wrote about the great abundance of animals including whales and other sea creatures, the great quality of soil, and the plethora of timber (Klinkenborg 34). In fact author Verlyn Klinkenberg writes that the corn in America produced more seeds per ear than the ones in England, this meant that through selection some corn and other crops would have been much easier to grow and therefore more can be produced (Klinkenberg 37). These helpful resources they found in the New World held great promise for the future, and instead of going back to England where trees have been cut down everywhere, animals more scarce and the soil had less nutrition they stayed with hope for a better life and one without religious
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