Why Was Martin Luther King's Assassination Unjustified?

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Even though James Earl Ray disagreed with Dr. King’s beliefs, Dr. King’s assassination was unjustified because he was unarmed, trying to end segregation, and practiced non-violent social change. What do you think of when you hear the name Martin Luther King? Do you think of a generous man who wanted equality for all? Do you think of the man who not only fought, but died so that every last one of us could be equal? Martin Luther king was a baptist minister and social activist who died on April 4, 1968. One of the reasons on why Dr. King’s assassination was unjust was because he was unarmed. He was standing on the balcony of the Lorraine Motel in Memphis Tennessee. He was preparing a speech about the Sanitation Workers. The sanitation workers strike was a strike that 1,300 black men took because of the neglect the city had towards them on the long term abuse they suffered. Dr. King was getting ready to eat dinner at the home of Samuel Kyles right before he was…show more content…
King didn’t deserve to be killed was because he was trying to end segregation. The Rosa Parks event encouraged him to do a 381 day bus boycott. This bus boycott lasted until congress made it unconstitutional for integrated busses. Dr. King was the leader of the Montgomery Improvement Association which was an association that fought for equality for African Americans. One of Dr. King’s most famous march was the march on Selma. Dr. King didn’t believe in violence during these strikes. Dr. King practiced non-violent social change which is another reason why his assassination was unjust. During the march on Selma 100 troopers and police attacked the marchers this was known as “Bloody Sunday.” Dr. King did suffer a lot during the civil rights movements, in 1958 a black woman stabbed him. In 1963, Martin Luther King made his most famous speech “I have a dream” which caused a huge impact on the Civil Rights Movements. Dr. King truly had a dream a dream for equality, and justice for
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