Essay On Mesopotamia A Great Civilization

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Why was Mesopotamia a great Civilization?


Mesopotamia is a very amazing civilization. They have organized people too different categories and gave them jobs, they made many Inventions that have changed the world, and has had many famous, great, and loyal Kings and Leaders, such as Harramabi and Gilgamesh. They made the first literature, and began Art. In the paragraphs below, I will be talking about these topics.

Fitting in the Society

In Mesopotamia, the most developed civilization, had many different people. Usually, and most of the time, the King is at the very top. They set the rules, and organize the celebrations. Two of the leaders who was very loyal, and respectful to many people, was Harramabi and Gilgamesh. Almost the
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Without these inventions, Mesopotamia would not be so developed. The plough changed many of the people 's lives in Mesopotamia. The plough helped us grow crops, such as corn, wheat, and vegetables. It helped increase the food surplus, and helped population grow. It also helped us domesticate animals, such as the cow. We gave lots of wheat, which helped us either carry goods, eat the meat, or make dairy products. It made life much easier, and helped us get even more ideas like the wheel. Later on, maybe a more than a 100 years later, can the advanced tractor plough. This save hours of time, and we started growing crops faster than ever. Then we had the Wheel. The wheel helped us travel in chariots in battle, and to travel with goods. The Artisans used this to make models and structures. The Wheel was also important because you could get to see family far away, go trade with other cities, and make clothing, that everyone wears nowadays. As you can see, inventions was VERY important. Without many of the inventions, our world would have not changed very much. We would have no airplanes, cars, and
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