Why Was Montresor Angry With Fortunato

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Montresor is a grudge holder. In the beginning, Montresor, explains why he is angry with Fortunato, but didn’t come into detail of what he did to him. Evidently, Fortunato injured and insulted Montresor, who says that he has endured peacefully as Fortunato repeatedly offended him thousands of time. Fifty year ago, Fortunato use to deny what Montresor would say about, who he was or what he had done, as if it was untrue. Montresor would argue back and forth with him explaining that it was true. Like when they were going to the catacomb, Fortunato didn’t believe that Montresor was a “Mason” and when Montresor said that was Amontillado he gave Fortunato to drink. Fortunato deny that it was and said to him it tasted like Sherry. Montresor wanted

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