Napoleon Bonaparte Characteristics

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Napoleon Bonaparte is considered to be a man who left a lasting impression on the whole world. From the time of his life and till nowadays he is reserved as one of the greatest military leaders of all times. Napoleon always contributed new social, political and economic ideas, but above all he is the best known for his military tactics which are studied and used in practice even nowadays. The following essay will not make Napoleon the object of criticism, but only examine his qualities and talent in general and examine whether military ideas are relevant nowadays. In other words in the paper I will take a look on how Napoleon Bonaparte achieved so much success on his battlefield.
Military tactics and strategy are crucial in the leading of
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Basically, after coming to power it turned out that there is no trained workers including architects, scientists and engineers. That is why he decided to limit the influence of the Church on education and place schools under control of the state. Some historians say that there were two things Napoleon expected from this reform. Firstly, he wanted to trainee the middle-class boys to be leaders because he recognized the importance of education in his military. Secondly, Napoleon wanted to make the educational system absolutely uniform so that he could at any time visit a school and tell pupils about the situation. Besides, he thought there is no need to educate girls as they learned everything they need from their mothers and they are not active citizens. It is still a question whether these reforms were successful or not. In 1812 only one child of eight was attending school. However, Napoleon was still eager in finding people with technical training and that is why he made an accent on the training of scientist. That helped to make France the center of education in the beginning of the 19th century. However this reform has its positive results as in the later years French teenagers responded to the mobilization more
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