Why Was President Mckinley Unjustified

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Our 25th president, William McKinley, was assassinated and died a painful death. He was shot, at an event that was held to congratulate America for winning the Spanish American War, by Leon Czolgosz, but died eight days later from the wound causing gangrene. He die on
September 14, 1901. President William McKinley’s assassination was unjustified because he was a caring man, and he was forgiving; however, some people thought he was a bad president because of what he did. President William McKinley’s death was unjustified because he was a caring man. He cared for the citizens of this country and wanted to make it better for them in any way. He was caring to his wife, the first lady, Ida McKinley, even he had business to attend
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In short, he way trying to make amends for himself and for everyone else before it was his time to leave.

Unfortunately, many others believed he was a bad president. In a YouTube video that shows a documentary about President William McKinley’s assassination and why Leon Czolgosz did it, states, “…There were letters going to the press say that the President was a killer for ordering his men to take down the Spanish even if some of the Cubans died.” (YouTube). Some people also said that his demons finally caught up with him and that is why he was assassinated. Leon
Czolgosz told his lawyers and the judge that he did not want to plead innocent or mentally unstable because he killed the President of the United States for him and his “working” enemies.
In the PBS video, it states that, “At the funeral of our now late President McKinley, there were screaming out hurting words about the President and his family that they had to be arrested and taken in to custody for rioting.”
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