Rome: A Great Civilization

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Rome a Great Civilization The Roman empire was one of the greatest empires to ever be established on Earth. The ancient civilization was born from the fallen civilization of the defeated trojans, ( 1). Political as well as Biblical history keep historians busy deciphering truth and myth within the pages of the ancient documents that were produced during this time period. The Roman empire was a republic that included the votes of the poor as well as the wealthy, and although the poor could never hold political office, the wealthy knew better than to lord their power over the commoners within the empire. It was their ideals and principles on country first and above all that kept the empire bonded together under one nation as…show more content…
One of the most famous of these individuals was the general Julius Caesar. Born of a powerful noble family, the young general was the first to change the shift of the conquered lands for Rome. Caesar shifted northward, away from the mediterranean towards Gaul (modern day France) and brought victory to Rome. Caesar, still suffering a high from victory, decided to create his own triumph and paraded his troops into Italy to be welcomed as a hero by the masses. These actions by the general completely disregarding the law, created by the republic, that stated that generals would not lead troops within Italy proper. This of course created civil war in which the senate of other leading generals disagreed with Caesar’s actions. But still the young Julius prevailed, he eventually defeated those who opposed him and with his belief that the republic would be served better with one unified ruler, he was appointed dictator by the state for a period of 10 years, ( 6.). Julius never got to experience the full extent of those 10 years because, but a few short years later he was assassinated by multiple members of the senate, to include his good friend and confidant Brutus “et tu Brute,” (Shakespeare, Act 3 Scene 1). Even in the murder of Julius, the republic still felt it was very righteous in its actions, no one man should be bigger than all of Rome. The Republic should always come first, little did they know how personal the people of Rome would take the murder of Caesar, who had become in their minds and hearts Rome with a face to go with the name. Eventually a new dictator took the place of Julius, his nephew Octavian became the first Augustus (emperor) of Rome, and after his reign there would be a period of chaos and strain until the “Five Good Emperors” came into power. Through all of this Rome continued to grow and
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