Why Was Russia So Hard To Govern Essay

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Why was Russia difficult to govern? I think Russia was so difficult to govern because of several different reasons. One of the key reasons was the classist system. The Tsar ruled Russia, and therefore the ruling of Russia was hereditary. The church, which was very orthodox, supported the monarchy on the concept that the Tsar was ‘appointed by God’ as the Tsar was the head of the church. The church would reinforce his authority and refer to him towards the people as the ‘Little Father’. The church was extremely influential in that era and ensured that peasants and working class, who were at the bottom of the classist system, were aware that challengers of the tsar were an insult to God. It was therefore hard to go against the Tsar, despite his rule being unfair to the poor. This leads on to Russia being hard to govern under tsarist rule due to autocracy. In his coronation speech in 1894, Tsar Nicholas said he will ‘uphold the principle of autocracy as firmly and unflinchingly as my late and unforgettable father’. This implied that there would be no democracy and people would not have a say in the way the…show more content…
There was terrible wealth distribution to the rich were excessively rich whilst the poor where extremely poor. They would work in factories for log hours, which had no regard for health and safety. Therefore, work was very dangerous. They had an unbearable workload to earn a stable living. Due to their poor pay, they would live in cramped and humid houses making them extremely vulnerable to diseases like pneumonia. At that time, that disease would be fatal. They were living in an endless cycle of poverty whilst aristocrats where enjoying their lavish lifestyles by doing little work that was as hard as the peasants. This mix of terrible living conditions and difference in lifestyle in Russia could have caused civil unrest and would make it hard to
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