Why Was The Battle Of Gettysburg A Turning Point

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Who- Robert E. Lee , James Longstreet, George Pickett, were leading the Confederate troops. General George Meade led the Union troops.
What- The Battle of Gettysburg was a very bloody battle where the Union and the Confederacy clashed in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.
Where- The Battle of Gettysburg was fought at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania .
Why- The Battle of Gettysburg was important because it was the turning point of the war. Before Gettysburg, the Union army was losing the war. The victory at Gettysburg gave the Union army morale that they needed to eventually win the war.
When-The Battle of Gettysburg lasted from July 1, 1863 to July 3, 1863.
How- On July 1, Robert E. Lee waited for George Meade and his troops. They drove Meade and his troops
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