The Influence Of The Boston Tea Party

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The Boston Tea Party was a very important event that helped lead to the American Revolution. This was because the colonists were having to pay for the debt that was from the French and Indian war. They got taxed a lot because of it. The Boston Tea Party occurred on December 16, 1773 on the Boston Harbor. This event was important to the American Revolution because it started the intolerable acts which got many colonists from other colonies upset. Once this happened the colonists wanted to fight back for their freedom. So it means that the Boston Tea Party started a lot for the American Revolution and it brung all the colonies together. The Boston Tea Party was caused mostly because of taxes that they were getting from the British Parliament.…show more content…
During the event there were 342 chests of tea that were thrown to sea. This was more than $1,000,000 in money today. When the event happened the colonists who participated in the event were dressed as natives so no one could recognise them. The job was a silent job. Nobody could talk to anyone while they were throwing the tea or when they were coming back. This was because if anyone got caught there would be nobody to blame. There were only a few people exposed because they were caught stealing tea during the colonists were throwing the tea and the colonists didn’t want anybody stealing tea since they were against the British. Whoever was caught stealing would be punished. There were a few people who got away with the tea and others were caught and punished. In the whole event there are only 116 bostonians who participated in the whole event including the planning of the Boston Tea Party. There could’ve been more but the 116 men are the people we know that were participating in the event. On the ships there were a total of 60 people throwing tea over to the ocean. There were 3 ships and the 60 men were organized to 3 ships so it would be faster to get tea out to the ocean from each ship. The 3 ships had names too and they were Dartmouth, Beaver and Eleanor. All the tea was coming from China. Many people say the tea was from India but the tea was actually from China. The weapon that was used was…show more content…
They still didn’t do what the colonists wanted. The only thing that the British did was that they made an act that was so crucial to the colonists in Boston. The act was called the Coercive Act. The act was so crucial that the colonists called it the Intolerable Act because the act couldn’t be tolerated by the colonists. The act pretty much stated that the colonists had to let British soldiers stay in their homes. The colonists couldn’t hold any town meetings. There was also that the Boston port would be closed. This made the colonists so upset. This act also was supposed to stay until all the wasted tea from the Boston Tea Party was payed for. This had a good and a bad impact. It was a bad impact on the people in Boston because they had to be under the act. The people in Boston would have less jobs to get because of the British soldiers also looking for jobs since they had low salaries. Everyone was affected after the Boston Tea Party. The good impact comes in when all the other colonies heard what happened to the people in Massachusetts/Boston and they had came together. They had made a meeting to help the people be free and taxes to go down too. The meeting turned out to be the First Continental Congress. This was the start of the American Revolution. The Boston Tea Party developed it partially. The impact went out to be pretty good because we are in a country that
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