Why Was The Constitution Important

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The Constitution I’m going to give you a great understanding of the Constitution by defining, describing, and explaining such things as the Articles of Confederation and its importance, why the Constitution was put together and how it is thriving, the history of the Constitutional Convention and the important people involved, the main ideas and much more. I would like to say why I decided to write about the Constitution. I feel that the Constitution is a very important topic and has had a large impact on the greatness of the country we live in today. The first thing I’m going to explain and discuss is what the Articles of Confederation is and its importance. First let’s give some general information behind the Articles of Confederation. It was first adopted by the Continental Congress which on November 15, 1777 became the constitution of the United States. It took till March 1, 1781 where the ratification of the Articles of Confederation by all thirteen states occurred. The effect of creating the Articles of Confederation created a loose confederation of sovereign states and a weak central government leaving the state governments with most of the power. I see many reasons why the U.S.…show more content…
The Great Compromise did many things. It accepted that each state would have two members in the Senate. The problem of representation in Congress was solved. Lastly each state would receive representatives based on population in the House of Representatives. I’m also going to talk about the Three-Fifths Compromise. Three-Fifths of the slaves would then count towards the population of a state. Also they were taxed in the same way. Lastly I’m going to mention the Trade Compromise. Power was given to the president to make treaties with the other countries, the Senate would have to approve the treaty. The Congress could not regulate trade or tax
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