Why Was The French Revolution A Turning Point

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In France from 1789-1799 the French Revolution(s) was taking place. The French Revolution was an influential series of events that caused many changes in Europe. The French Revolution was influential as the French people wanted self government in Europe, as their was already an established republic in America. The French revolution was the greatest turning point because for the first time since the Roman Republic was their a well established republic in a popular european country. Even though the French Revolution was a good turning point for Europe, and the world, it was not bloodless; during the French Revolution much blood was shed due to the invention of the guillotine killing approximately “1376.” Both that of the nobility and the poor. Another reason that the French Revolution was a turning point was the storming of the bastille, a very well known event that caused conflict and terror against the crown and the peasants.…show more content…
Either way, regardless of how influential the French Revolution did in fact change Europe [and the rest of the world] as a whole.
The French Revolution was a big turning point in European history due to the want and need of a republic, as
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Some would argue that Rousseau’s social contract was a much greater turning point in history. The social contract was written by Jean-Jacques Rousseau. Jean-Jacques Rousseau was an important Philosopher whose political thoughts heavily influenced the French and American Revolution. Rousseau wrote a Social Contract which helped inspire political reform or revolutions. The main points of the Social Contract were;
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