Why Was The Industrial Revolution Considered A Revolution

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Revolutions are defined as a forcible overthrow of a government or social order in favor of a new system. This means that a revolution brings about rapid change that completely reconstructs people's way of life. Industrializing in the United States is considered a revolution. The reason for this is because industrializing brought about drastic change to the people and society during that era. America's industrialization is considered to be a revolution because it brought changed the way people lived and the society by means of new inventions, new production methods, and new opportunities. One way that people and society were greatly affected during the Industrial Revolution was through new inventions. These inventions brought advancement in areas such as communication, transportation, and entertainment. Such inventions included the telephone, modern automobile, and motion picture television. Telephones let people communicate with each other instantaneously. This mas a major improvement from the mail system which took days to get to another destination. The modern automobile was greatly influential to transportation. Rather than people having to take the train, they…show more content…
These methods made production faster, products cheaper, and a change in job skills needed. Production methods such as mass production and interchangeable parts were the cause of this change. Mass production was the increase in goods production in an amount of time through the use of machines. Machines were much quicker than people, so it increased goods produced. Interchangeable parts made items cheaper due to the fact that only certain parts needed replaced -- not the whole unit -- when something broke. Since factories were making more goods, it enabled them to sell their products at a cheaper rate. Although, machines began to replace skilled workers. This meant that jobs were now occupied by unskilled workers for the purpose of running the
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