Why Was The Industrial Revolution Important

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The Industrial Revolution was a remarkable yet an destructible event that originated throughout the second half of the nineteenth century in Britain, before finding its way across the globe. This was an era in which technological innovation, mechanised inventions and rapid growth resulted in great changes to sectors like agriculture, manufacture, transportation, science, fossil fuels and demographic change. The revolution therefore had massive impacts on the world we live in today, and this essay will prove to do so.

The Industrial Revolution was also important because it transformed previous status of social class, and led to the widespread happening of urbanisation. This was a stepping stone for the demographic change, as this impacted
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From a traditional, agrarian society, the economy evolved to take on capitalist features, revolving around the concepts of supply and demand, and using machines in conjunction with human labour with the ultimate goal of making a profit in the market. With so much demand and supply, the government listened to the new ideas and that was the evolution of the give and take between the government and their citizens. The same applied for the creation of social duty as well. These massively impacted the agricultural and manufacturing processes as well, which led to further significant changes in the economic system. For instance, farm production, which was once done manually by hand and produced with the aim of feeding the immediate family, became commercialised. The invention of new machines such as tractors and threshing machines resulted in bigger harvests and the sale of agricultural produce for profit. The development of steam-powered machines and the popularisation of the production line in factories during this period led to more products manufactured in greater amounts for sale, steering up the cycle of demand and supply for the rapidly increasing population. It is therefore evident that the Industrial Revolution was a pivotal turning point in human history as it led to massive changes in the economy and the traditional way of living life for a great…show more content…
As machines grew in importance during this era, the number of scientific associations and educational institutions increased, and more scientists and engineers started to discuss how scientific knowledge could be applied to the manufacturing and agricultural processes. This was part of the communication revolution, as there was an immense amount of conversating between the people for better improvement in the world. For instance, mechanics and Newton’s scientific methods rose to height during this era, and this led to greater industrial successes and efficiency. Furthermore, inventions that came about during this era, such as the telephone and the automobile, had profound impacts on people’s lives. Previously limited by time and distance, sending information or travelling became easier and more accessible. This resulted in the greater transfer of knowledge and information. Hence, it is evident that the Industrial Revolution contributed to the growth of scientific principles and technological innovation, and improved even the lives of the common human

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