Why Was The Revolutionary War A Turning Point

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Revolutionary War The war for Americas Revolution is one of the most significant events to happen in America’s history and history of the world. This was a turning point and a strong starting point for America’s future as a country. The America Revolution War was one the lasted decades. There were people from all areas of America and other countries involved in the war. The Americans were not expected to win the war against the very dominate and powerful British military. The British just gain strength after defeating the French. There were many things that made the British lost and the Americans won the Revolution war. One or the major negative aspect of the British military was the underestimation of the Americans. The appearance of the Americans did not resemble a will organized powerful fighting force. The Americans lack many necessary items such as boots, food, ammunition,…show more content…
This was a major turning point economically for both sides. The French coming into the war made it a more economically difficult for the British to continue fighting not only the colonist but the French also then later in the war Spain will also assist the Americans. This made it the Americans economically easier to fight against the British. It was more an economically devastating blow to the British than an advantage to the colonist. The Americans also got assistance to help trained some of the colonist on fighting techniques. This was done during winter time and also helped the colonist psychologically. Baron von Steuben was a major key person in training the colonist which was proven to work in the battle of Monmouth. This was significant because the British never fought General Washington again and did not advance north again and headed south. The British never got any major support from other armies other than paying the Germans for some
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