Why Was There A Revolution In Russia In The Early 1900's

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In the early 1900’s Russia entered a terminal crisis. Tens of thousands of soldiers were deserted, cities were affected by major food shortages, and the economy was breaking down, and the streets were filled with angry people. People desperately needed reform and this lead to the February Revolution. The Russians overthrew the previous ruling provisional government and the Soviet Union took control. Vladimir Lenin wrote a very intelligent manifesto to rally up the people to continue to revolt and keep the newly gained control of the government Vladimir wrote a very dramatic manifesto with the intention of encouraging the Russian people to fight back against the government they overthrew so they can maintain it. Vladimir stressed the fact that his support was for…show more content…
The peasants are most important in this revolution since they will make up the bulk amount of the army defending off the provisional government from taking back the Russian government. To follow the rest of appealing promises made by the Soviet Government, they promised to establish workers’ control over production. The working force is a very large population of Russia and this was key to getting support for the revolution. At the time of the revolution, Russia was experiencing a food shortage and many people were short on food. Lenin promised that food and prime necessities will be sent to villages to the people in need. This alone could have been enough to fuel a revolution because there were so many people in need of this support from the government. The final act of reform he promised to give directly to the people is guaranteeing all the nation in Russia to have the right to self-determination. The people are going from a government that was unfair and did not give people much say in how the government was ran to a nation determined by the people. On top of this all the food, peace, workers reform, land reform, and government reform lead to the obvious choice to join the Russian
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