Why Was Witchcraft A Crime?

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Why did people believe in witches and why was witchcraft a crime? By: Kaya Saito

This essay is about why people believed in witches and how witchcraft was a crime.This essay is split into 3 different parts the belief, explaining the belief, and witchcraft crimes. The Witches are from the 16th century to the 17th century in Europe. Witches were usually women sometimes men who made an agreement with the devil to help by causing harm and bringing suffering to innocent people. They are able to cast spells and give people the ‘evil eye’. It was very common to believe in witches that time and ordinary people had always believed in magic, omens and the supernatural. There were trails and signs to spot a witch. The essay will prove
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Firstly, Why was witchcraft illegal, why witchcraft stopped being viewed as a crime? The witchcraft in 1735 made a complete switch in attitudes. Penalties for the practice of witchcraft was usually believed by many famous and important people to be an impossible crime, that was replaced by penalties for the lie of witchcraft. The witchcraft of 1735 stayed in force in Britain into the 20th century, because of the illegal ways of telling witchcraft of 1951. (Wikipedia) During the 16th century, many people believed that witchcraft, rather than the workings of God's will, offered better reason of sudden and unexpected bad fortune, such as the death of a child, bad harvests, or the death of cows and bulls. Witch-hunting became something that you constantly think about in some parts of the country. In 1736 Parliament passed an Act undoing the laws against witchcraft but charged fines on people who claimed to be able to use magical powers. Secondly, When witchcraft was proven to be a crime? The witchcraft Act was a law passed by the group of the Kingdom of Great Britain in 1735 which made it a crime for a person to say that any human being had magical powers or was guilty of practising witchcraft. The biggest punishment by the Act was a year's state of being locked in gail. Witch trials were rare in England, mostly to the workings of common law, which avoid people from chasing after against a general noticed scare. Instead,it was usually based on a trouble. However, in 1612, 16 people living around Pendle Hill were tried at Lancaster gaol, with a crime of selling their souls to the devil and killing 17 people through witchcraft. Janet horne was the last one to be killed in the 17th century. Lastly, Who believed in witches and how this helped witchcraft a
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