Why We Are Too Small Essay

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“You’re too small” is something I have been constantly told my whole life. This statement has become more repetitive as I began my job as a lifeguard two years ago. When I was interviewing for my first job, I was told, I’m not sure if you can work here, you are a little small and may not be able to handle the job.” As I heard him say, what I’ve heard hundreds of times before, I knew he was wrong. I had been swimming competitively for six years and participated in numerous Junior Lifeguard Programs. It turned out I swam the fastest that day, but unfortunately the man who interviewed me simply judged me on my size and not what I was actually capable of; I was not offered the job. I was however offered an interview at a neighboring beach…show more content…
Up until this time, I was unsure as to what I wanted to study in college. I came to the realization that I want to become a teacher, ideally in mathematics. I believe a teacher’s role is to lift up her students, help them gain confidence, and give them unlimited opportunities to succeed and most importantly, celebrate one’s differences. When I become a teacher I will always make sure I help all of my students and give them all the same opportunites to do what they want. Not having certain opportunities because of my size has truly affected me, and I would never want a student of mine to feel defeated. I want my future students to know that they can pursue anything they want. I proved to myself at the women’s tournament that being small cannot stop me from achieving the goals I set in life. I really believe that my size does not dictate my ability to be a success. I discovered that I did prove myself worthy to compete. I realized that it does not matter when people tell me, “you’re too small, you can’t do that,” as long as I believe in myself anything is possible. I can be successful and accomplish my goals even when people put me down, I just have to have determination, and a good work
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