Why We Can T Wait Analysis

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In the book “Why We Can't Wait” by Martin Luther King, JR.. explains how the Alabama Christian Movement for Human Rights -A.C.H.R. was organized to end segregation in Birmingham. With the nonviolent protest of 1963 being led by Martin Luther King Jr., it would strike as a successful and revolutionary change in history. In “Why We Can't Wait”, it explains that Southern Christian Leadership Conference S.C.L.C. had a promise with the downtown white merchants to remove signs and allow blacks to eat at their counter tops. It didn't take long for the signs to go back up in front of the stores. The S.C.L.C. and A.C.H.R. had only been tricked to believe this would be a permanent change. Because of this, MLK and Fred Shuttlesworth knew that a more severe approach would have to be taken in order to see a long lasting change in Birmingham,Alabama. Project -c was made to have a nonviolent protest for black rights against racial treatment in public places. This would then lead King to his imprisonment where he wrote the greatest revolutionary letter for black rights and discuss the reason why the population can't wait any…show more content…
Many Americans had experienced let downs by the government, therefore, believed in a need for change. King gave speeches to help motivate the voices of the innocents who had been treated badly by policeman or for the color of their skin. This text fits into revolution traditions because Kings, marchers had set goals to accomplish which was to get rid of segregation and eliminate unjust laws. The protest also had a concept and rules that had to be followed which was not to hit back or be violent when hit. Because of King people are allowed to go to different school no matter what color skin they are. There aren’t sign separating the black from the white and banks can't discriminate against a group of people to make
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