Why We Crave Horror By Stephen King Analysis

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Stephen King Argument Essay Adrenalin. We all crave it at some point in our lives, but how humans satisfy their cravings for adrenaline, seems to be the same for most people. Horror movies seem to have that perfect dose of adrenaline rush to satisfy a person's craving. In Stephen King’s essay, Why We Crave Horror, he states humans have the desire to watch and enjoy these films to satisfy their own personal feelings, their strange sense of enjoyment, and their need for adrenalin. Before people start watching these movies, they begin to think of the emotions soon to come. They think of the excitement, the fear, the anxiety, and the sadness. A person could think that the fact they will have trouble sleeping for the next few days, would…show more content…
He makes a very good point when he brings up public lynching. An example would be the Salem witch trials. People were accused of such a major crime and they would be sentenced to death by hanging. Their would be a special spot in the town where a podium was placed, and people were allowed to watch, and almost half the town would show up to every hanging. If people were as frightened as they claimed to be, don’t you think they would have stayed as far away from the “demon” as possible? Well there was something satisfying watching someone take their last breath against their will, and watching there bodys shake and twitch in mid air. Today, we don’t have that dramatic public lynching anymore, so instead we turn to horror movies to receive that type of excitement and emotions.
Some people may argue that as soon as we see a person become hurt when his or her becomes injured, people still choose the risk of watching, knowing the fact they might witness a painful altercation, and enjoy the minor scratches and bruises until the big injury
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