Why We Crave Horror Movies Analysis

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Why we crave horror movies This article name is “Why you crave horror movies” and it’s by “Stephen king”. Other people say king is one of the most successful writer of modern horror fiction. When he first starting writing a book he wasn 't good but after few books he is the best in horror movie fiction it give many people think about movies or things. His thesis is “why people watching horror movie if it’s not good for them?” I read article about horror movie, when summer coming people are bored about everything and they want something special. In the book author use word “simple and obvious” for horror movie.Horror movie will not give you instant scream or shock as roller coaster but it makes you scared mood in few hours or few days. Also when we watching horror movie we got feeling that someone is watching me or feels like someone is next to me. The author write “when we exhibit these emotions, society showers us with positive reinforcement, we learn this even before we get of diapers”. It shows we always know the feeling before things happen.Horror movie always have sick joke or dirty job or something that impress people, this help people to watch their movie because you cannot get those feeling when you stay normal in real life. People always want something special in life, that’s why they travel around the world and try to find something that other people don’t have. It’s like horror movie they know it’s going to give bad memory or not good for your mood but people
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