Why We Greet Death In The Crucible

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Death, one of the greatest fears of any living creature. Nothing is more frightening than not knowing what will happen, how it will happen, or where the deceased go. All greet death with fear, some may not show it but it is the way humans are. The next hardest thing could quite possibly be dealing with the death of a someone close to you. Some move on and continue their lives without them, Others have a time of mourning and sorrow but eventually move on, and some never move on. Some are never the same and are in a depression for the rest of their days. Many don't understand how to cope with death and are terrified of what may happen.
Many people greet death in different ways. In the story “The Crucible”, the characters react in different ways. Giles Corey, for example openly greets iat and accepts his death. He does not shy away or cower and shows only strength and courage in his last minutes. He even goes as far to taunt his murderers and tells them to add more weight. He was murdered by having large stones placed on his chest until they finally crushed and killed him. So even though he was in much pain and suffering, he was strong and stood for his beliefs. A different and opposite example would be the young girls in the story. The girls lie and agree with Abby so
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In the story “Of Mice and Men”, Candy’s old dog is shot. The dog was said to be getting too old and was just suffering. The dog was taken into a back field and shot in the back of the head with a german luger. All the men sat quietly in the bunkhouse waiting for the shot to ring. Candy sat on his bunk staring into the blank spaces of the small room. When the bang of the gun was heard, Candy rolled over to face the wall and began to cry. It was at this point the other men began to show sympathy to the poor old man. Slim offered the Candy one of his pups so he could raise it up. All the other men tried to comfort the old man but it was no
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