Essay On Losing A Loved One

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Why We Grieve the Loss of a Loved One We as humans have all experienced a feeling of grief at one point in our lives. It comes most commonly when we lose a loved one we have loved very dearly. The feeling of grief may make people feel as if their world is falling apart around them, and they are spiraling out of control. However, this is all a normal reaction when people are grieving. That just leaves one question, why, and how do we cope with this feeling? To have this feeling shows the people are normal and that we as humans are able to show how we feel. Grieving is very important when you lose a loved one because it helps people get over the feeling of being empty, and it also helps people move on from the sadness that they are feeling. To begin with, we grieve because we loved. When people lose someone and they do not grieve that means that the did not love as much as they could have. According to Dora Carpenter, “The loss of a loved one can leave you broken and heartless”( np). “The loss of a loved one can also help people to find and awaken their inner selves” (Carpenter np). In the book How we Grieve Relearning the World Thomas Attig gives multiple first hand account of what people have…show more content…
People grieve because of love and loss. There are also many ways to get over the feeling of grief. People get over it by talking to their friends and seeking help from professionals or even sometimes family members. Also, being able to maintain good physical health along with maintaining good mental health helps to keep the mind occupied. It is also very important to be able to know when you need to seek any sort of help because even though people really try to tough it out, going through their emotions and venting to someone is very beneficial. If someone is going through a really tough time do not judge them or try to belittle them. They might be going through something deeper than what the surface
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