The Importance Of Friendship

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Everybody knows people are social individuals that’s an old saying though, but that’s a very true statement. People need other people to help them with their lives. To support them and their lives. That’s why we need a friend. It does not matter if they are older than you, younger than you, does not matter if they are your parents, your grandmother, your nephew, your boss, it never matters in the end of the day. What does matter is the quality of your friends not the quantity of your friends, especially best friend. In some occasions, less is more. Small group of close friends could be better than having a large number of people but not that very close. Sometimes small group of people makes stronger bond, in each one of the members. So, in…show more content…
We can learn many things about many different kind of things across the world, if we have friends from all over the world. But these kind of friends may not always be there next to us, eventhough the chances are possible. What we need in life is people who are always be there through thick and thin no matter how bad the situation is. They always learn how to escape their problems together, they will never just leave their friends behind, because they care about one another. People who are reliable, responsible, caring, and open-minded, I think, they are actually a good example of best friends. They do not need to be smart, they do not need to be such a rich people, in fact they can be weird, crazy, dumb in a good and fun ways. People are diversity, diversity is people. Everybody has their own different criteria of certain characteristics they need to find a best friend. But I think the most common criteria I could come up with is a friend who is funny and positive, that in the future will always support them and not bad-mouthing about their best friends behind their back. It is also the matter of trustworthiness. People who betray other people, especially in this case best friends are just a major turn off. Because trust values the most in everybody’s friendships. If we can’t trust other people or be trusted by other people. How could we gain such
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