Why We Run Analysis

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What is your opinion, mental strength and agility or physical prowess, Which is more important? Is mental strength and agility just as important as physical prowess in sports? Most people would think If you did not have one of these components then you could not run. For an example, if you did not have mental strength ,you would think that this action is too hard and that I can not do that. If you did not have agility then you would not be active and you wouldn't have the power to be active. Aswell if you are not a physical person you are not a active person to begin with. To truly be an active person and want to build strength you need mental strength to push yourself, agility to keep going and to have the movement to do so and you need to…show more content…
In the story “why we run” a man named Heinrich compares human running to chasing dreams. For an example Heinrich said “we are inherently more like wolves then lapdogs because the communal chase is part of our biological makeup”(page 65). The author is saying that wolves chase instinctively, similar to human chasing dreams instinctively. All throughout the story “Why We Run” it's talking about running towards dreams and that's precisely what athletes do if they are serious about their…show more content…
This is because if you don't have a ‘yes I can do this’ attitude then you will feel better about that the action you are trying to do. Also you would think that that thet action is need agility to keep going and develop the skills to get to that particular dream. Therefore I think that mental strength and agility are far more important in the situation. Also “most of us chase after “antelopes”, and something we catch them. Often we don't but why do we bother to try?”(page 65) Heinrich said. The author uses the metaphor of the antelope to explain that running is about chasing dreams. My personal opinion is that it just depends on what type of activity you are doing. Is mental strength and agility more important than physical prowess? For physical running I would say that physical prowess is more important. I think this because you need to be athletic in some way to do something that involves a range of movement. So in this case I would think that physical prowess is more important
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