Why We Should All Be Feminist Analysis

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To be a woman is to be quiet, only speak when you are spoken to; to be submissive, if a man asks you do something, he is the one with more power, so do it; to put others opinions before your own; you may like that shirt, but someone else won’t take you seriously, so change. Unfortunately, this is what many girls are taught from a young age. All of these rules are so deeply rooted in our society that it does not feel like misogyny, it feels like day to day life. In order to survive, women constantly adjust themselves to a society that demands perfection from us.
“Compromise is what women do.” Chimamanda Adichie makes this statement in her speech, Why We Should All Be Feminist. But you can hardly call it compromising, to compromise is to meet a mutual decision. In many cases, however, a woman knows that it is expected of her to give up and be submissive. Women are typically sacrificing pride, ambition, dedication, and passion, all things that are
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Women who are sparse in dialogue are considered more attractive, more manageable, more like those dolls with strings on their back so you can control when they speak; the ideal. “This house is for wallpaper women. What good is wallpaper that speaks?” (Baird) Wallpaper is just for show, and many people treat women the same way. They’ll think of them as trophies to display, but once she starts talking, she’s “a drain clogged with too many opinions.” (Baird) So women stay quiet, like we’re trained to. Misogyny is not always as clear as a man screaming he is superior, but instead it can be hidden within the most basic day-to-day situations. Like bad habits that hidden misogyny is not only hard to notice, but even harder to break. We as a society are so used to these rules it’s hard to imagine a world without them, but women are being forced into molds they do not fit, so we need to discard these
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