Why We Should Be Allowed To Chew Gum In School

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Have you ever talked to someone and you just can't pay attention to what they're saying because of their bad breath? Well, schools around the country are banning gum, so now most children and teenagers can’t chew a refreshing piece of gum to fix their breath. You could be suffering the next time you talk to one of your friends. Students should be allowed to chew gum in school because it helps you stay focused, improve concentration, and increases oral and physical health.
Chewing Gum can help you stay focused and become more alert. “Psychiatrists and Psychologists believe that chewing gum reduce tension and help to release nervous energy. Chewing gum may provide an outlet for frustration and irritation.” Gum makes one more alert and stress-free. “Chewing gum.Com” have stated that, “Chewing gum increases blood flow to the brain. Increased heart rate improves oxygen delivery to the brain which can enhance our cognitive powers. Some studies have reported that blood flow to the brain increases by as much as 25 percent to 40 percent during gum chewing.”So by doing the little task of chewing gum, you can remember more. Being able to chew gum while studying will benefit the learning of school kids. Gum chewing has been proven to increase concentration in students.
When you chew gum you trick your body that you're
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Some could argue that it's ridiculous to see a “cow” chopping away, but all they need to do is chew with their mouth closed and it will fix that annoying issue right up. Gum in classrooms is more good than bad. Multiple tests around the country have come to the same conclusion, yet gum is still not allowed in most schools. Even though some kids ruin the pleasure to have gum by placing it under desks or anywhere besides your mouth abuse that privilege, it doesn't mean the majority of the good students shouldn't lose that privilege
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