Analysis: The Junk Food Lobby Wins Again

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I am the mother of a middle-school student, and I recently read the article ‘The Junk Food Lobby Wins Again’. From it, I have learnt that you voted against the nutrition law, and this fact has concerned me, since it threatens our children’s health.

Overall, thirteen kilograms of weight were gained by my son after he went into middle school. Moreover, this is not a problem of his own as his peers are facing the same situation. The fault should not be placed on them as the rate of childhood obesity and diabetes are increasing rapidly due to the junk food lobbyists continually working to block laws that may stop their misconduct.

These corporations have succeeded in persuading the government. After long arguments about the issue that the
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Oregon’s state politicians have received ‘donations’ from the Oregon Soft Drink Association for their campaign last fall. There are lawmakers who have received $2000 each to help the junk food corporations. They have offended the public by helping the delay of the bill passing by adding ten unrelated amendments that disrupted the process, and complaining about being deprived of candy as a child in Connecticut. However, their being deprived of candy during their childhood is not related to any of the current situation. Our present state is intensely different from what they had faced in their lives. What the government are brawling about is simply by the matter of their honesty, as they continue on playing pranks on our lawmaking…show more content…
Despite the loss of ‘donations’ given by the junk food industries, there will also be gains when you work for the citizens. The change of the state politicians will lead to the improvement of the state’s image. This will also relate to the support of the citizens, which is proportional to the profit that the state will earn.

Furthermore, this battle isn't fought alone. There has already been movements from the Kentucky state legislature, which was trying to pass a bill in March and Arizona in April, followed by Oregon’s attempt on the legislation being decimated. There are certain other states that are also working towards the ban of junk food lobbying, where similar battles are being fought. Therefore, if we win the battle here in Connecticut, we will definitely be able to stand a chance in becoming the most powerful state. As the battle being won first in our state will prove the worth of our state’s
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