Why We Should Be Forced To Vote Essay

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Freedom. Something that “everyone” has in America. Some people believe that Americans should be forced to vote while others like myself believe they should not be forced. Citizens should not be forced to vote. The first reason is l, More uninformed ( people that aren’t aware) and that can harm the country, It causes Political dissatisfaction, lastly it takes away a citizen's freedom! The second reason i feel that people should not be forced to vote is because of the uniformed people voting can hurt the country. .In document G it states “ At least they’d injure only themselves”. This means they might not know what they are doing and accidentally vote for someone who they nothing about, and that could possibly be someone who can ruin where they are living.
“...Some groups strive to get people to vote, not for anyone in particular…”. This means people try to get other to vote no matter who they vote for. This shows that if they are successful they will vote for anyone because they don't inform them on who to vote and why.. they aren't even sure why the person they are voting for is going to benefit them. Lastly I'm document B it shows a graph with the age groups and the voter turnout. It states “ Education Level , Less than High School diploma : 2004 : 39.5% , 2008: 39.4% “ this shows that
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“ Italy ranks low among western countries in political dissatisfaction and voters have unfavorable attitudes towards their electoral system”. This proves that there is Political dissatisfaction because of the forced voting. “Switzerland and the U.S. , … among the highest voter satisfaction rates with their political institutions.” . Places like the United States do not have forced voting and the evidence I provided shows that when citizens are able to vote by choice their is a higher satisfaction. This proves that being forced to vote ends with unhappy
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