Why We Should Be Free In Schools

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Students ' rights to free speech should not be limited in schools most of the time. Some students just say whatever they want when they know that they 'll get into trouble, while others just stay quiet and know what to say and what not to say. They should be limited to where they can say what they want but where it cannot be so bad that it gets police involved. Freedom of speech for students is different at school because you 're mostly there to learn not talk. Some students will say things that will get them into very very bad trouble with the police and all authorities. When a teacher tells students to do things some will get mad, throw fits, and use bad language towards them. Schools are meant to be a safe and orderly grounds for students to learn and make friends. Public schools are supposed to be…show more content…
Schools have teachers who say things that can get themselves into trouble, only some school don 't have teachers who do. Teachers and students should both be able to say what they can meaning if a teacher says something bad a students should be able to because it 's not "fair." The SPLC says, "The majority of Americans agree: students should be allowed to freely complain about their teachers and administrators on social media without fear of punishment." The SPLC thinks that of a student were to say something online about the school they should not get ISS or OSS (example: "My school is boring."). Say the next day they got ISS for posting that on any social media, they shouldn 't because it 's freedom of speech. If a student were to say, "The teachers beat me and don 't let us eat," then they should get into a lot of trouble for posting something that can make a teacher lose their job. Schools already tell students what they can and can 't wear (based on how bad it is), they shouldn 't be able to tell them what they can and can 't say. If they posted while they were at school bad bad things that can be a risk to people then yes they should get into a
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