Why We Should Be Held Responsible For People's Crimes

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All the former SS officers that have had lives as upstanding citizens should be held responsible of all their actions and crimes that have been done in the past. People don 't wanna find out that the person they have been living right next to has killed and tortured entire villages. Or just the fact that they lied to come into this country and get rights that they don 't deserve in any country. Especially in such a horrific event as the Holocaust. These SS officers should be responsible for everything and everyone that they harmed. People want to feel protected in their own neighbourhood. Not having someone who took the advantage of the U.S. because they ended up leaving their country trying to escape their punishment. They came here in an illegal manner, lying to the American authorities that their was no such involvement in any type of military…show more content…
Someone who commanded a whole group of soldiers to invade and kill everyone who was in the village and leave no survivors at all should be trialed for all his crimes that has been done.”Even in Germany … if the guy was the commander of the unit , then even if they can 't show he personally pulled the trigger, he bears the responsibility.” Even if only sending the command or just being part of it and having some sort of say into the matter because it 's such a massacre that they as well are responsible for the action that ended up happening. “A top commander of a Nazi SS-led unit accused of burning villages filled with women and children..” Their is in no circumstances that someone like that in the U.S should be allowed in the country.

In conclusion the SS officers should be punished for their crimes. Nothing is going to erase their record. As well as all the harm that they have done to people and the families of those people. As well coming into the country lying about their records and to finally putting the people at risk where you live. Them not knowing the past, as well as all the
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