Why We Should Be Longer School Day

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In Finland the school days are 15% shorter than the school days in the United States, yet they have higher test scores. People have different points of view on the length of the school day in America. Some people think that the school day should be longer to improve academics. The United States “lags behind other countries in core subjects. In 2015, American students came in 24th in reading, 25th in science, and 41st in math out of 72 countries—not the worst, but far from the best,” (p. 30) Because the U. S. is behind, many experts believe that students should go to school for an additional 90 minutes a day. Many experts say that school days should be longer. And for many reasons those experts are correct. If school days were longer teachers could spend more time on tougher subjects. Many kids have difficulty on certain subjects, but a longer school day would result in more time on those subjects. In the article Extending Learning Time by Dennis Hamel, he states, “A longer school day gives teachers the time for more in-depth instruction.” This explains that the main benefit of a longer school day is…show more content…
Many people say that school should not be longer. Many people think that the school day is long enough, and if I 'm being honest sometimes I think that too. Also many say that just because we lengthen the school day it isn 't a guarantee better test scores, in Finland it didn’t. But, though this is a valid argument its evidence is faulty. According to the article “10 Telling Studies Done on Longer School Days” from Online University, one study shows test scores jump with longer school days is in Massachusetts, they extended the day by 25% and their test scores jumped by 4.7-10.8% higher. Another way this idea of longer school days was proved was in a study from New Hampshire, where not only test scores were jumped but grades were too. So, it may not be a guarantee but its one of the best chances at higher test scores thats come across the

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