Why We Should Celebrate Columbus Day

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In 1492 Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue, but what was learned about him may not be true. To determine whether this country should celebrate Christopher Columbus Day, it should be clear if he was a hero, a villain, or just a man. On October 9th we celebrate Columbus Day. He was not the nicest person but he did have some positive effects. As some historians put it “paved the way for new explores” (History Alive! Page 27). Although he did not find the U.S. he did start the journey of exploration to the U.S. His trading with the Natives gave Europe many great things like new vegetables but they were not always the friendlies. It has been said that “his mistakes were errors of the times” (History Alive! Page 44). Saying Christopher simply did not know that hurting the Native Americans was wrong. On the whole he did help America one positive way or another. Now here is what many…show more content…
Although, some may disagree Columbus did not find the United States. “Christopher Columbus named it San Salvador” (History Alive! Page 27) The island he landed on is now Cuba which is not apart of the U.S. So why is it a U.S holiday? Should it still be a national holiday even if he didn’t find the U.S? The Next, the Columbian exchange helped Europe get new food and medicine and Europe gave the Native American things. However disease was one of them. “European disease wiped out 90% of Native American Population.” ( History Alive! Page 27). On Columbus’s boats brought disease which the Natives had never experienced before. Since their immune system did not know how to fight it and there was no medicine a lot of them died. Christopher Columbus for these reasons should not have a national holiday. In conclusion Columbus did impact Americans in some positive and negative ways. American should decide whether Christopher Columbus was a hero, a villain, or just a man and whether his name be put as a holiday on our
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