Why We Should Change The Drinking Age To 18

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There has been many discussions all over the United States is whether they should change the drinking age from twenty-one to eighteen. Most teens will argue that they should change the age because they can go to a store or a gas station and they can buy a pack of cigarettes, a black n mild, play the lottery at the age of eighteen so they will ask so why can they not buy a beer or alcohol at the age of eighteen. Underage drinking has been out of control in the United States because teenager use fake identification cards and they will also try to go to the club with their identification card. As a teenager when I was in high school I have proof that these things happen not only in college but high school it happens more often than college students. What is …show more content…

It is not worth giving it a try but if everything is different than lets change the law because it is done lots of times. Yes, I know that it is illegal for minors to purchase it, but they are already able to get through buying it because their parents probably own a liquor cabinets and they already done experience it because of their parents. Some parents even give their child alcohol so this is why we should lower the age because most people know their ways around buying alcohol. High school students use alcohol which means a large amount of teens are under the age of seven to eighteen have used alcohol before. We all know why some teenagers drink because it makes them feel that they get away with breaking the law. Consequences for the teenagers can change that but we do not want them to have to experience the consequences of being under the influence of alcohol because if we do they know they are fatal. For example, dying in a car accident and killing one another is already a mess that we do not have to clean up because of a driving under the influence

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