Why We Should Go Back To 12 Year Round School Essay

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On September, when millions of students will be dragging themselves back to school from their two and a half month summer break. Where it was filled with adventures such as going to beach or going on a family camping trip. Many students have experienced where the teacher calls on them to answer the question and the first thing that might come out of their mouth is a long uhhhhhhhhh..... and having a hard time thinking.Well not anymore because now many kids across the nation are having a hard time at school whenever they come back from their summer vacation. The best solution to this problem is that school districts should change school to a 12 month program.

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All of the schools have around 180 days but it's just organized in a different way.”Year round schools shorten to about 5 weeks then use the leftover vacation time during the rest of the year” This means that instead of 8 week of summer vacation it is shortened to 5 weeks and then use the rest of the weeks of summer as summer school (P14 Scholastic scope). Even experts say that 5 weeks of summer is actually better than 8 weeks of summer like it says in Page 14 (Scholastic scope) “”Experts say this kind of calendar has clear benefits. With less time out out of the classroom over the summer,most students dont need as much review when they return.Plus the opportunity to relax and recharge throught the year prevents and teacher getting from exhausted”. Now kids will only have 3 weeks of school during the summer so teachers won't have to review as much. The research from Duke University says that 12 month school is slight advantage “A Duke University study even suggested kids attending year-round schools are at a slight advantage, because they won't forget what they learned during the long summer”

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