Why We Should Have Dress Codes

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In many schools, today, they either have dress codes or uniforms. Do you feel that we should have to wear uniforms or have a dress code? Dress codes are sometimes overrated because it focuses more on what girls can wear than boys. It’s also teaching females that the way they dress is more important than their education. It is unfair to females, it is unfair to the parents, and it is also unfair to the teachers and staff of the school. Dress codes focus more on females than males. My school has a list which contains about 10 dress code violations for females. Males only have about two or three violations. These violations for females include; no tank tops, no jeans with holes above the knee, skirts must be fingertip length all the way around, no crop tops, etc. But, male violations consist of no sagging, no muscle shirts and that’s about it.…show more content…
How do you feel about that statement? Why do you think we have dress codes? To protect the boys from seeing kneecaps and naked shoulders? Although it may be distraction, boys will be boys no matter what females have on. Dress codes are teaching us that the way we look or dress is more important than our education. If you don’t have on the right clothing, you either get sent home or ISS. So, having on a tank top is more important than me getting my diploma? NO! Seeing a boy behind is a distraction, no one wants to go around school seeing butt everywhere. Even though having a dress can be stressful, it also has some good to it. It teaches students how to prepare for the real world. For example, when you get a job, you will have a dress code. It also teaches students how to have respect for themselves. It teaches students not to expose themselves or be to revealing. I strongly stand up against the feminine dress code made today in many schools. It should be made equal for both genders. Education is by far more important than the clothes we

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