Why We Should Have No Drive Laws Essay

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Imagine being a student that got their driver's licence taken away for getting to many tardies and not having up to par grades, and driving is the only way you can get to school. While to some this might seem like a good punishment, this would make it even harder for you to get to school on time, if at all. A punishment meant to help you, would end up hurting you. If we have a no pass, no drive law this would only make the dropout rate worse. I do not think that we should have no pass not drive laws and that instead we need to get to the source of the problem and help the students that are struggling. The first reason that we should not have a law punishing students that we are trying to motivate to do better is because this will only hit the surface and not go deep enough to find the source of the problem. Senior researcher for the National High School Center, Yael Kidron, stated that “The problem with no pass/no drive laws is that they do nothing about the reasons that students do not go to school in the first place.” (pg. 5) There are students that are homeless and this won’t help them find a safe place to stay that allows them to get to school. For students that are struggling academically offering tutoring would help them a lot more than taking away their driver's license. This quote shows how no pass no drive would not work…show more content…
According to Russell Rumberger, “Getting their bodies in the building doesn’t mean that they are going to learn anything. It is much better in my view to be putting resources and energy into making schools better places for kids.” (pg. 5) This shows how instead of passing a law that punishes students for failing, we should help them by making schools have more resources for them and to stop making schools only friendly to those who succeed. By doing so we could help students without punishing

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