Why We Should Have The Right To Bear Arms Essay

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I. Issues The debate on firearms in the state of Tennessee has been centered around reducing violence and possession of the right to the Second Amendment. Recently there was a shooting at Tennessee State University, that left one person dead on campus. The fatal shooting happened while a group of students were playing a dice game in the courtyard of the school. This happened because of the other students were not properly prepared and educated on their right to bear arms. The core of the Second Amendment is self-defense. Tennessee believes that guns are not a problem that is causing violence, the people that misuse the firearms are the problem. Tennessee fully supports the idea that the gun does not do the killing, the person who uses the gun does the killing. Mass shootings and large amounts of violence within the state can be avoided if individuals have the right to bear arms. The national issue of firearm control raises a point that the more accessible guns are to people, the easier it is for them to fall into the wrong hands. However, citizens who abide by the rules and do not misuse the responsibility and power that comes with…show more content…
Gun control should not mean taking away the rights of law-abiding citizens and letting criminals destroy and torment our lives. We need to do something about gun-related crimes. In the event that a firearm is being carried citizens must follow the present day laws. Instead of creating new laws and trying to find a new solution to the same problems, strictly enforce the present gun laws. Tennessee should be taking part in the Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act and allowing police to have more rights than citizens. This will allow officers to be very thorough with permit and background checks. This also authorizes trained law enforcement officers with valid identification to carry concealed
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