Argumentative Essay: Should College Students Be Paid?

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Think about this situation: a student who is failing all classes from a family that has more than enough money. This student gets to go to the best college that the family’s money can buy, which may also be wasted on partying and result in flunking out. Now compare that to a straight-A student who is helping his or her family make ends meet every month. This student is everything a college could dream of having, and they care about their education. Sadly, these students will never go: how can someone possibly go to college when their family cannot pay bills without them working full time? College tuition needs to be lowered because students should not be stressed, in debt, and out of time trying to catch up with his or her payments. In recent years, the soaring costs of college tuition have left many students and parents questioning how they will come up with the necessary funds. While college is still a smart investment for a successful career path, the cost of an education has outgrown general inflation by almost double, leaving many families unable to pay it or having a large amount of debt. The best…show more content…
Financial aid is a very helpful tool, but also gets students to go to college just because they see it as free money and another way to stay in school for student benefits. Student benefits include the following: lowered insurance, discounts at restaurants and stores, lowered interest and no minimum amount on checking accounts. Many of the college fields or programs would also become over-saturated more than they are today. This is because everyone would want to go to school to make more money and see college as another high school. Not everyone in America can go to college because that is how scarcity works in the real world. Admission is a survival of the fittest, and in terms of college, this means survival of the
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