Pros And Cons Of Eating Animals Essay

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In the United States, people have all been wondering is it ethical to eat meat. Eating meat can be very harmful, because it can cause a lot of diseases like Heart disease and other ones. You should not have to kill animals for food because animals are kind of like people. Some more reasons that you should not eat animals, is because eating too much meat can be harmful to the human body, We could just eat plants and other things, and killing animals can be bad so that is why we should not eat animals.

On reason that we should not just kill animals is because they have families too. The article said this about killing animals for food. It may not be as worst as killing a human, but that does not mean that we should not kill animals(The Ethics of Eating Animals).This can help us understand it is not as bad as killing a person but this still could be bad. The article also states that kill animals for food can be bad by saying this. Violating animals is not good do we really want to do that just so we can have some food there is so much other thing that we could eat(Eating animals). This just tells us that we do not have the rights to violate animals for food. In the article it state that killing animals is bad because animals
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When we eat animals we don't realize that we could just eat plants, also eat too much meat can be harmful to the human body, lastly killing animals can be bad. This matters because killing animals can be bad because they could go extinct or don't you want to know that you could get a bad disease for eating too much meat. Sometime it is ok to eat meat because if you kill an animal that is not about to be extinct they will have time to reproduce just like us. You should also not eat meat because my grandma and my grandpa both got food poisoning from eating
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