Summary Of Why We Should Raise The Minimum Wage

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Why we Should Raise the Minimum Wage In Kevin A. Hassett's essay which appeared in American Enterprise Institutes online issue March 10, 2013 , '' Why We Shouldn't Raise the Minimum Wage'', he responds to announcement proclaimed by President Obama, in his 2009 State of the Union address, regarding the minimum wage. ''In the wealthiest nation on Earth... no one who works full-time should have to live in poverty.'' President Obama 2009 . Hassett believes that the President's resolution to raise the minimum wage would prove to be counter effective. He does not believe that it will solve the , present and worrying issue of poverty in the country. It is Hassett's opinion that a wage increase will in fact cause more of a problem and burden the economy greatly . Hassett, also states, it would be a mistake to raise the minimum wage, as it will have a reverse effect. It will cause higher unemployment as a reaction to companies closing sectors, and making present employees redundant. Also , he is of the belief , companies will not hire younger, unskilled labor because, with the increased wage it would become costly. I disagree with Hassett. I do not find…show more content…
The introduction was an effort to lift the country out of the deep recession of that time, commonly known as 'The Great Depression'. The enforcement of a minimum wage encouraged workers, gave them a better sense of security and spurred consumer spending. The economy saw an instant boost and started to feel the benefits of a standard living wage. The country, financially, went from strength to strength. With each leap, the minimum wage was subsequently increased to reflect the inflation of that time. The minimum wage helped lift the country out of a recession. It has since been an integral part of our

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