Why We Should Start Later In High School

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Many surrounding cities and towns are starting to implement later start times for middle and high school students. Many of these schools are finding positive outcomes. Some reasons for these positive outcomes include improved learning and health and students being more awake. Provided it is implemented properly, students should be able to get more sleep, otherwise it could have negative effects. Maybe changing school start times for Windham would benefit the students learning. Changing school start times has proved to be beneficial towards students learning. The National Sleep Foundation, says, “Young people who do not get enough sleep night after night carry a significant risk for drowsy driving” and then continues to say students achieve “lower overall performance in everything from academics to athletics.” If school started later and we got home around the same time, then we could get an extra hour of sleep. That extra hour of sleep could be very beneficial for students. That is just one way, pushing back school start times could be advantageous. In addition to the benefits of learning, pushing back the school start time…show more content…
One way that it could be negatively executed is starting school at 10am. Starting so late would be negative because by the time sports and homework are done, it would probably be after 8pm at the earliest. Making school start so late would make it nearly impossible to work on projects at home, especially with partners. By compromising on a time between 7am and 10am such as 8 or 8:30am as a start time would be more beneficial for students learning. When a student from a school whose start time was changed to 8:40am was asked if they liked it, they responded, “yeah, kinda.” They like the fact that they get to go to school later, however they don’t care for getting out later. Most students prefer starting later and will do better if it’s carried out
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