Why We Should Start School Start Later

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Teenagers all over the country are struggling with their sleep. They struggle to get out of bed every day. The weekend is their only break. Why is this, schools start too early. School start times should be later. When schools switch to later start times they find huge decrees in unexcused absences and tardiness. They will also see positive student growth with test scores and grades. Finally, there would be a wonderful change in depression and other mental illnesses that are now too common in teens. Starting school later would help increases attendance. When the University of Minnesota conducted a survey that studied schools that started after 8:30 PM, they found that there were a twenty-five percent decreases of unexcused absences. Similarly, when the Minneapolis School District changed their start times there was a noticeable decrease in tardiness. Teens should get nine and one-fourth hours of sleep a night but most only get seven. This causes teens to sleep in and miss the bus which …show more content…

First off, in a study conducted by The Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine found that teens in schools that started at 8:30 or later had a 20% decrees in depression or depressing thought. Students that are sleep deprived have poor communications and have decreased consecration. It is impossible for them to get the most out of school. Even worse, students were less likely to use addictive drugs and abuse alcohol when they have less sleep. This created massive mental and physical problems for the students affected. Slimily students that have more sleep are less likely to sleep in and have more time for a healthy breakfast. On the other hand, Students would stay up later assuming that they could sleep in and not get the recommended amount of sleep. But studies show that the students “internal clock” wool be more in rhythm and their body would have to go to sleep at the recommended amount of

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