Why We Should Stay In College Essay

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A lot of kids want to grow up go to college and become a professional athlete. Some kids want to become athletes like Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant, and athletes that left their first year of college to go be in professional sports. They want to leave school early for sports, but they don’t know that they would be missing out on getting a degree and graduating from college. I think that from now on athletes should think about staying all 4 years in college. There are many benefits to staying all 4 years in college. In this essay I will be talking about the importance of staying all 4 years in college. I will be giving three main reasons why you should do that.

One reason why I think athletes should stay all 4 years in college is because college degree is more important than millions of dollars.According to espn it says, “I must point out that a college diploma is more important than ever for those who sign a contract for big dollars.” This shows that any type of diploma is more important than some contract that you get for signing with a team. The money you get can't even help with lifetime security for superstar performers. It states, “We have recently seen how having a huge contract does not
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There are a lot of people who make money without being a professional athlete. A lot of people don't know that you may not make it into the NBA or the NFL. So if they don’t make it into the pros they have their college degree to fall back on. It's a high risk or injury in professional sports, and an athlete's career is at jeopardy and it's good to have something to fall back on if something were to happen. You can do a lot with a college degree. According to Bleacher Report it says, “You can do many things in the work force with a college degree and this option is probably the safest decision to ensure a career in any field.” This shows that staying in college is probably your best bet instead of leaving
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