Why We Shouldn T Cell Phones Be Banned In School

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When is the last time you 've seen someone have a panic attack when someone left their cell phone at home. this needs to stop. Right now at North Eugene High School the administration is considering on the campus how it should be a screen free campus during school and will take any cell phone they see and return them at the end of the and will resolve in a referral. Cell phones should be banned at north eugene high school because they are distracting, not helping students grades, and ruining our students social skills.

Although Cell phones can help students learn, cell phones can distract kids from their ability to learn and not help their focus on schoolwork. Because text messaging their friends in the next classroom is more fun than learning about topic sentences. ( Document 1). In document 1 it really shows examples
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31% of students take their cell phones to school and still go on them (document 5). This shows how students are still taking their cellphones to school and are going on them during class which affects their school work tie. It is ruining their focus on school and is not helping them in a positive way for their grades and future. Technology will never replace skilled teachers (document 6). This quote shows how cellphones will not replace teachers but in school students are paying more attention to their cell phones rather than their teachers. Most students with cell phones are not thinking about the value of their teachers and how they can benefit you so much but cell phones are not helping the students school work or listen. Students will get so unfocused they will not do their call work and their time on the phone will cut into the school work time and not get anything done. Many many students are failing classes because of their cell phones. Cell phones are not helping students do their class work and are separating them from good
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